We offer several interesting tours!
Whether you are staying for a short or  extended period of time, we can organize and guide your trip. We arrange city tours, walking, hiking, rafting, horseback riding, but also tours to beaches, mountains and waterfalls. Every trip can be customized to your interests and the time available to you. We organize trips for the duration of just a couple of hours, to a week or even for a couple of weeks. 

Rafting in Brotas

A famous city because of its river, which is excellent for rafting. Visit some stunning waterfalls, a natural water source and taste some cachaça, one of Brazil’s most popular spirits. 

Swimming with Dolphins

In the south of São Paulo state there is a beach which is the habitat of many dolphins. While you are swimming in the warm waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, the dolphins will appear. This tour is combined with an excursion to Caverna do Diabo, a cave located within the Jacupiranga state park.


once upon a time there was a beautiful colonial city that was born in the sugar cane cycle and became rich in the gold cycle — but which, after losing its position as the most important port for the flow of Brazilian products, was gradually abandoned until it found itself in virtual isolation throughout the first half of the 20th century. Only after the opening of the Cunha-Paraty road, in 1964, and the inauguration of the Rio-Santos, in 1972, the beauty of Paraty — preserved by the lack of progress and by the listing by IPHAN in 1958 — could be rediscovered by outsiders.


Let’s go and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Relax at the beach after an eventful day filled with activities, such as hiking amazing trails, visiting an old prison or some of the most fragrant lavender fields. And what about some island hopping? It’s also possible to visit an Original “Quilombo” a campsite built by former escaped African slaves in Brazil.

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